About Apron Daddy Mascot Logo


Apron Daddy is the grand idea of a few dudes that love grilling, cold ones, and terrible jokes you can’t help but love. As grill guys ourselves, on any given Sunday you can find us cheffin’ it up on the grill, tossing a few crispy boys back while obsessing over seasonings, sears, and saucy sayings to put on aprons. We made Apron Daddy for those who share our same passion for grilling, mostly-hilarious jokes, and clean shirts.  

As soon as you toss on your backwards grill cape (apron), the good times are guaranteed. We are proud to offer over 50 exclusive funny apron designs ranging from the family-friendly to the kind that will scare your mother-in-law away from ever looking you straight in the eye again. Our cooking aprons are actually more than just throwaway gag gifts, they’re made with high quality thick cotton/poly blend fabric that is designed to protect clothing, because there’s nothing funny about staining your favorite Hawaiian shirt while you’re saucing up your meat. 

We’re more than just some random gag company started by a few funny grill guys that had nothing else going for them in life... actually that’s exactly what we are, but just like how you strive to get the perfect grill marks on your juicy wieners, we do the same thing with our customer service, with our customers being the grill and our exceptional, friendly, and ready-to-reply customer service team service being the juicy wiener. We want to see Apron Daddy grow to be the best in the BBQ game and as ubiquitous at family BBQ's as that aunt that can’t help but drink all the wine coolers before the rest of the party arrives. 

Our not so average aprons are made for the average guys that like to laugh, grill, and have nothing but a good time. Being those guys ourselves, we’re happy to provide you with the official uniform of your best barbecue yet. From our BBQ to yours,
— Apron Daddy